iOS 10 Jailbreak Latest News & Update: Apple Update Patches Lightning Earpods, Pangu Lags Again

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 25, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

The apparent issue tied up audio problems for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus when making or taking calls seems to be a software problem and Apple has rolled out a minor iOS 10.0.2 update to address the problem.

While the intent seems to address the Lightning Earpods problem, it may have done one better as well by frustrating Pangu once again as far as jailbreaking is concerned. With a new update, it could also mean back to the drawing board for the Chinese group as well as other hackers like Lucas Tedesco.

Pangu back to starting line

Pangu already had its share of problems when Apple rolled out iOS 10.0.1. It doused water on that alleged iOS 10 jailbreak which many have been waiting for.

When iOS 10.0.1 came out, Tedesco stirred up some excitement by claiming he had jailbroken the latest iOS. All that was mentioned in a previous post which you can read back here.

But with the rollout of iOS 10.0.2, everything changes. Pangu and Tedesco need to go back to the drawing board as they whip up another jailbreak and fast. Apple seems to be aggressively coming up with immediate patches, with jailbreaks becoming collateral damage.

Apple starting to be quick on the draw

The fast rollout of iOS 10.0.2 follows the same one Apple did with iOS 9.3.5. The thing to point here is that both rollouts were done to address pressing concerns. iOS 9.3.5 was rolled out due a security breach brought up by Citizen Lab while iOS 10.0.2 was a fix for the audio problems plaguing the iPhone 7.

The updates will of course include other fixes but the thing here is that the iOS infrastructure has changed as well. Hence, any jailbreak (whether it be a prototype or working one) will need to be re-assessed since the latest OS will more than likely patch cracks done be applied iOS jailbreaks.

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