‘Street Fighter V’ Latest News & Update: Anti-Crack Backfires, Capcom Rollback Coming

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 25, 2016 07:54 AM EDT

Capcom recently issued an update recently for “Street Fighter V” in an effort to fend of erring players with an anti-cheating protocol. Aside from that, the patch included new stage KOs and more meant to make the game better.

Unfortunately, the whole thing turned out to be a dud and even left “Street Fighter V” gamers in a compromising position. According to the Register, a rootkit for PC versions was included that gave any installed application kernel-level privileges.

The update includes a badly coded driver that opens the door for malicious software on the system to take over the Windows-run device. Hence, the end result is seeing PCs with “Street Fighter V” installed left with mangled security settings.

Capcom update goes haywire

Hence, the purported anti-crack solution meant to prevent player hacking did carry an anti-crack that went haywire per a Steam post. It brought nothing but problems when applied, something that included the Windows User Account Control which popped up each time players wanted to play the game.

Thus, “Street Fighter V” users ended up being unable to play the game since the game cannot be booted. The issue reached Capcom and the game developer eventually issued an apology and promised to release a fix soon.

Capcom may have rushed the patch

Seeing how poorly the patch was coded, it could be one done by Capcom to address player cheating on “Street Fighter V”. Much of this refers to the in-game tricks and techniques which saw gamers get hold of unique content like currency.

The whole thing spoiled the introduction of a new character named “Urien”, Kotaku reported. “Urien” reportedly made his debut in “Street Fighter III”, but now players who are unable to load “Street Fighter V” may have to wait until Capcom comes up with that much-needed fix. A tactic went sour?

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