Macbook Pro 2016 Release Date, News & Update: Apple Laptop All Set to Launch This October; See Confirmed Specs & Features

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 26, 2016 08:58 PM EDT

When Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed the arrival of the Macbook Pro 2016, news went on flurry with different information. However, as the launching date nears, it's clear that what's left in the previous reports about the top of the line laptop are some remnants of information.

For now, the most "confirmed" information about the Macbook Pro 2016 is its October launching. Also, the laptop will come out of the box with a much lighter and thinner concept. The molded hinges with metal injections proves, the new laptop will also feature a totally different style.

Rumors suggest that, the Macbook Pro 2016 will use a Skylake processor. Of course, that cannot be determined at this time. Whether the device will use Skylake or stick to the Kaby Lake processor, the Macbook Pro will prove to be as powerful.

Meanwhile, not everything is underwraps for the Macbook Pro 2016. Other sources reveal that, it comes with an OLED display touch bar, a Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C and a Touch ID. The new Macbook Pro may not feature the headphone jack, but largely rumored to carry the Apple Pencil.

Few weeks from now, the new Macbook Pro 2016 will be featured. Much of these rumored specs will be unveiled, scrutinized and questioned. Unseen features that consumers expected to be included will be questioned, but for now, none of those matters. The anticipation is high and the probability of getting what consumers have always wanted is around the corner.

If everything falls in place, sources target the 23rd of October as the launching date of the Macbook Pro 2016. Are you ready to discover the new laptop from Apple? Get all the exciting news and updates here on GameNGuide. Also, you may want to check us back for the latest news on the Macbook Air 2016.

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