‘Minecraft’ Boss Patch Release Date, Latest News & Update: Mojang Rolling Out Improvements On October 18

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Sep 26, 2016 10:46 AM EDT

Mojang will be finally releasing the “Minecraft” Boss patch next month, meaning gamers will finally get to see the game’s boss battles in the game for the first time.

This was announced by Mojang at MineCon over the weekend where the patch will be released for players on “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” (iOS and Android), “Minecraft” Windows 10 Beta and for the “Minecraft: Gear VR” editions.

The Bosses and more coming

Among the things to expect for the “Minecraft” Boss patch will include the “Wither boss battle”, “Elder Guardian” and “Ocean Monument”. The patch will also include new features such as being able to use the wireless Xbox controllers on Windows 10 or Gear VR as well as the Oculus Rift Touch controllers once it is out in the market, Slash Gear reported.

A lot of the features to expect from the Boss update for “Minecraft” was mentioned in a previous post, some of the ideas possibly originating from players who were asked to help out. Mojang enlisted testers to help thresh out issues and make necessary improvements to the game.

Endless customization through add-ons

Also expected from the “Minecraft” update will be the add-ons which are fairly similar to mods. This means that players will likely get the chance to change environments while also given the ability to customize AIs and mobs. The possibilities they can do through customization are simply endless.

For the ones playing “Minecraft” on the PC, the changes forthcoming may not necessarily be something new. The flexibility of using mods on PCs is a given and the only thing different is that they can now be actually made via the official game.

Kicking off things for Mojang are the “Alien Invasion” and “Castle Siege” add-ons for “Minecraft”. Both will start rolling out by Oct. 18.

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