Pokemon GO' Latest News & Update: Update 0.39.0 for Plus Devices; Capture Location, Incense, Sync Issues & Bugs Fixed

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Sep 26, 2016 07:26 PM EDT

"Pokemon GO" was supposed to get a boost after Pokemon GO Plus hits the market but it seems that Niantic reaps nothing but more complaints. This is going to change soon with update 0.39.0 looming around the corner.

"Pokemon GO" suffered setbacks in late August after more than 30 percent of players withdrew from the game. On daily basis the original 70 million players are dwindling so Niantic introduced several updates like buddy system, more PokeStops and the likes. But with the exodus happening, nothing has the potential to catapult "Pokemon GO" to its previous state but the wearable Pokemon GO Plus.

As expected, Pokemon GO Plus got sold out as fast as shops can display them. Millions are willing to spend $35 for this device and get an edge in "Pokemon GO." However, complaints are piling up as quickly for Plus. Notable among them are difficulty in pairing or synching Plus in Android devices, iTech Post said.

To appease trainers, previous features like Capture Location will be available again in update 0.39.0. This allows imprints about locations where "Pokemon GO" monsters were caught so other trainers can easily map and plan their strategy.

Pokemon GO Plus will also allow trainers to use incense and lure Pokemons for easier catch this time around. This feature is particularly useful for "Pokemon GO" trainers on solo runs because they can just sit on a nook and wait for creatures who will take the bait.

According to Niantic, there are minor bugs that update 0.39.0 will fix as well. The developer said that connectivity issues, freeze during loading and slow response during gym battles are few fixes.

There is no definite release date yet for this update but it is highly possible to hit the road within this week. This is a calculated guess since Niantic traditionally releases "Pokemon GO" updates few days after issuance of notes in their website.

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