'Horizon Zero Dawn' Latest News & Update: Title's Visual Prowess Discussed; Here's What Makes it So Good

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Sep 27, 2016 10:45 AM EDT

"Horizon Zero Dawn" may be teasing a lot about itself recently, especially as the game is not available for all consoles. This, however, has not hindered the game from showing its true beauty in the same manner.

Some may already be aware that "Horizon Zero Dawn" is a PlayStation exclusive, which may perhaps limit the capacity of the game-let alone the resolution and details for it. This was apparently proven wrong by Guerilla Games.

According to I Tech Post, one of the hottest feats about "Horizon Zero Dawn" is the way that the graphics were laid out for the game. Running in HDR is one attribute that is expected to make the title even more appealing and life-like as it promises.

As per Game Informer, some fans may have not seen the true beneficial beauty of "Horizon Zero Dawn" as it showcases details of realist bodily graphics to start with. The intense focus on details for the shadowing and lighting alike were said to be rather stunning as it is precise and the truthful overall delivery of the game's visual attributes.

Gaming Bolt noted that Mathjis De Jonge, Director of "Horizon Zero Dawn," says that high-poly meshes are essential in the title's well-being. Because of multiple polygons utilized, the shapes and outlines of the creatures such as the Thunderjaw turn out to be rather natural and authentic.

Since "Horizon Zero Dawn" will revolve around the adventures of a female lead named Aloy, the requirements of the game's graphics are certainly at an all-time high. This can be justified further with the aforementioned soft-body physics, as well as the way hair interacts while moving and the effects of the environment.

Many of the team members behind "Horizon Zero Dawn" have already spoken of how they felt satisfied with the way the game is looking. As far as the fans are concerned, their feedback is all that is to wait for in the development of Guerilla Games' post-apocalyptic take. 

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