‘Horizon Zero Dawn' Release Date, Latest News & Update: The Case of the American English Language

By Staff Reporter , Updated Sep 28, 2016 01:29 AM EDT

It's not often times, you see news about the language spoken in videogames; let alone, the native language used to communicate. This time however, "Horizon Zero Dawn" is marking a concrete stance on using American English as its official game language.

Nevermind that, the game is centered in a futuristic manner, Guerilla Games is following a path they "oh-so-ever" wanted. In an interview with Game Informer, lead writer john Gonzalez shed light on their choice of language. He explained that, he wanted everyone to be able to relate to the conversation. "Our approach when writing the dialogue of the game was actually to make it as accessible as possible. We really wanted to avoid having our characters speak languages like high elvish. in the sense that everyone has this very ornate way of speaking" he added.

Apparently, Guerilla Games want "Horizon Zero Dawn" to stay as accessible to players without the barriers of any futuristic communication style. He wanted every single player to understand the mode. To truly immerse in the game, regardless of how times have changed the whole concept and features.

Meanwhile, Segment Next featured the gameplay demo of "Horizon Zero Dawn" and rates it as breathtaking. The demo introduces the main protagonist in the game; Aloy. Talking to a certain Marea character in the game, their conversation apparently leads to Aloy doing a mission. Players will then set their sails to complete this mission and report back to Marea.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" has dialogue options that players can choose from. These options can lead players into discovering the "lore of the world" and the one is to basically educate them of the whole game concept.

"Horizon Zero Dawn" will arrive on the PS4 console in 2017. For more updates on this topic, read the latest news and details here on GameNGuide

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