Killzone: Mercenary On The PS Vita Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

Jan 31, 2013 01:11 PM EST | By Vamien McKalin email:

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A video popped up on Sony's PlayStation channel on YouTube showcasing what Killzone: Mercenary is all about. One thing is certain, for a handheld game, Killzone on the PS Vita looks absolutely gorgeous, and that's coming from someone who is not too big on the Killzone franchise.

The first thing you'll notice when watching the video is how awesome the graphics look. For a handheld game, the graphics appears to be far better than that of the PS2, or even the original Xbox, which was more powerful than the PS2.

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It seems Guerilla Games are readying to launch the first must play FPS on the Vita. However, one should control the feeling of excitement. You see, Guerilla Games have a track record of developing beautiful looking Killzone games, but one thing was always missing, the fun factor. Let's face it, Killzone games are not fun. Pretty, yes, but not fun.

Pre-order Killzone: Mercenary and receive Blackjack's Briefcase, containing access to the exclusive Double XP Boost and an In-Game Cash bonus!

  • Double XP Boost: Get out ahead of the pack! Start the 48-hour clock with this special access code and all contracts, bonuses and payoffs earn you twice the normal XP for two straight days! Applies to both Campaign and Multiplayer!
  • In-Game Cash Bonus: Start the game and go straight to the armory! With this bonus payout, you'll have enough Vektan Cash to pick up a new weapon before you even step foot on the battlefield!

No word yet on when the game will be released. It shouldn't be too long though. PS Vita owners are lacking in the games department

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