‘Mr Robot’ Season 2 Finale Recap: Tyrell Wellick Confirmed Dead? 2 Revelations In The Season Finale, What Could Season 3 Bring?

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Sep 28, 2016 11:17 AM EDT

"Mr Robot" Season 2 is finally over. But, as usual, the show would not live up to fans expectations if it did not dish out a few shockers in its finale, some of which will be discussed below. For those who are yet to watch the series' finale, be warned. The contents in this article deals with "Mr Robot" Season 2 spoilers as well as questions as to where the show could be heading when "Mr Robot" Season 3 releases.

Stage 2 Finally Revealed In "Mr Robot" Season 2 Finale

The question that everyone is asking was finally answered in "Mr Robot" Season 2 finale. Since the idea of a Stage 2 of fsociety's assault on E-Corp was introduced earlier in the season, fans has been offering theories and speculations of what the second stage could include.

Finally, it was revealed in the last episode of "Mr Robot" Season 2 that Stage 2 involved blowing up a building. The building houses all of E-Corp's paper files and it just seems logical that these should be destroyed as well. E-Corp could reconstruct the lost electronic files that was lost in the first season's hack. It might be a tedious process but, given that E-Corp has no other choice, the company will be forced to allocate its resources to the monumental task.

Tyrell Wellick Did Not Die

In the "Mr Robot" Season 2 finale, fans finally saw that Wellick did not die but was just in hiding, a sensible move since it was revealed that authorities are on his trail for the rooftop murder and, lately, his involvement with fsociety's hack wherein he was erroneously assigned the role of fsoceity's leader.

However, fans must have felt that there is a slim chance for Tyrell to be just a figment of Elliot's imagination. In fact, that suspicion was also shared by Elliot himself. Appalled that stage 2 would inevitably result in multiple casualties, Elliot intervened despite Tyrell's warning in "Mr Robot" Season 2 finale. Of course, every fan knows what happened. Tyrell shot Elliot upon Mr Robot's orders. This means that Tyrell is most likely a separate person and not a mere personality of Elliot like Mr. Robot is.

Questions For 'Mr Robot' Season 3

But of course, everything is just a set up to move the plot forward in "Mr Robot" Season 3. Fans can't help but wonder if fsociety would still be able to carry out Stage 2 next season. With Elliot wounded, it seems it all now fall on Tyrell's shoulders to execute what has been agreed beforehand.

And there is always that uneasy feeling one gets when thinking about what White Rose and the Dark Army is actually after. Are fsociety and the Dark Army really allies united for a common cause? Or is the Dark Army hiding a more sinister motive to be revealed later in "Mr Robot" Season 3? 

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