Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Latest News & Update: Still Has Battery Problems? Could Still Possibly Explode Due To Overheating?

By Luis Vincent Gochoco , Updated Sep 29, 2016 02:10 AM EDT

The bad publicity for Samsung shows no signs of slowing down. Several reports has surfaced the internet that even the recalled and replaced devices that Samsung has provided still have battery issues.

Over 2.5 million unit were recalled worldwide due battery issues, thus massively damaging the Korean tech company's reputation. However Samsung was quick in resolving the issue stating that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements are safe.

A Brand New Samsung Note 7 Explodes In China

Another incident with Samsung's new flagship the Galaxy Note 7 happened earlier this week in China. The incident happened just 24 hours after the smartphone was delivered from Inc. Hui Renjie, the owner of the Note 7 that exploded said that the incident happened Monday morning, causing minor burns on his two fingers and burned his MacBook Pro.

Bloomberg reported that "A Samsung representative visited him soon afterward and asked to take away the phone, he said, but he declined the offer because he doesn't trust the company to reveal the reason for the fire, and plans to publicize the issue." Samsung had stated that Chinese units of the Galaxy Note 7 were safe didn't required any recall as the units used a different battery.

Only 60% of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Has Been Replaced

It has been almost a month now since Samsung announced the global recall of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 line. Samsung has released a statement that 60% of their customers has had their Note 7s replaced, adding that "many are choosing to stick with device."

A big part of this 40% of owner are from South Korea as Samsung is slow to provide replacement units. Waiting for a replacement unit in South Korea could be long as 5 days compared to the replacement time frame in the US and Singapore of only 2.

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