'Minecraft' Latest News & Update: Microsoft Bares Plans for 'Minecraft' in the Next 100 Years

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 04, 2016 07:41 PM EDT

"Minecraft" is going stronger two years after tech giant Microsoft bought the title at mind-boggling $2.5 billion. Developer and previous owner Mojang said that 53 thousand copies are sold on daily basis across PC, Xbox, Android, iPhone, PlayStation and Nintendo - all platforms.

Gamers thought at first that Microsoft will reinvent "Minecraft" and ditch the game when things get awry. However, the future of this title is beginning to take discernable shape two years after acquisition. With steady 10 thousand in attendance every Minecon annually, Microsoft plans to build long-ranging brand. Compare it to Lego who endures decades, "Minecraft" executive Matt Booty said.

Comparably, Microsoft plans "Minecraft" brand to endure for at least a century. Booty added that it's the reason why they keep on expanding into all available platforms including VR. The vision for "Minecraft" is to become adaptable into anything the future has to offer. There might be different gadgets in the future but "Minecraft" remains the same although interface may have to adapt, Business Insider reported.

Booty admits that "Minecraft" can be categorized as toddlers' game because of its simplicity being a building blocks nature. However, the world has seen creative adults making complex structures, landmarks and even 3D projects via "Minecraft." This provides a glimpse of potentials to become a tool instead of plain video game. According to The Guardian, It even transcended into educational material similar to other Microsoft products like Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

Now thinking about newest "Minecraft Realms" feature where several players can create a cooperative and work within same space, Booty hints interesting possibilities. Think of a group of young architects designing a building and working at the same time at "Minecraft Realms." Isn't it cool that they work similar to Skype video conference? Well again, "Minecraft" was created for creativity's sake so the sky is the limit for its possible uses apart from being a plain video game.

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