'Dragon Age: Knights Errant,' 'Mass Effect: Discovery' Release Date, News & Update: Appeasing 'Dragon Age 4' Expectants with Comics

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 04, 2016 07:42 PM EDT

Gamers should take a breath and ease the tension of waiting for "Dragon Age 4" a bit. Though developer Bioware is still in zipped mode for now about the anticipated prequel, fans can feast on comics edition due next year.

Remember the earlier GameNGuide report that "Dragon Age 4" is still in limbo as of date? That is still the case recently and Bioware chose to keep silent about good tidings. Fans may have predicted that crews are in double time prepping for sequel but that's unconfirmed. The result is clear - stressful evenings thinking when the multiple game of the year awardee will invade the gaming world again.

Ironically, the next best alternative for "Dragon Age 4" expectants could not be a video game but comics. Dark Horse Comics shows diversions ingenuity in creating "Dragon Age: Knight Errant." It is a series and the first edition is out on May 10 of next year. According to Hardcore Gamer, this title comes with another Bioware brainchild "Mass Effect."

Who are the people behind this "Dragon Age: Knights Errant" idea? Think of top caliber writers Christina Weir and Nunzio DeFilippis conceiving the storyline. Then Fernando Heinz Furukawa will draw this "Dragon Age 4" filler. Another artist, Sachin Teng is going to convert the comics cover into a masterpiece, IGN said.

And yes - "Mass Effect: Discovery" is going to accompany "Dragon Age: Knights Errant." There is limited information about the plot of Discovery. Best that gamers have are Bioware hints that these comics will serve as teaser before "Mass Effect: Andromeda" invades PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC early next year. Therefore, it is logical to predict that Discovery release is first week of February 2017.

Both comics may or may not satiate the craving for real "Dragon Age 4." However, gamers can think positively that Bioware is not rushing things to the point of half-cooked video game title. That is good, considering that gamers expect to experience nostalgic sequel anyway.

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