Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date, News & Update: No More Over-Heating, Fast Draining Battery Issues; Galaxy Note 7 Explosive GIF In 'GTA 5' Mods Replaced

By Mia P. , Updated Oct 06, 2016 08:47 PM EDT

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been relaunched sans explosions and faulty batteries. The device is said to be selling more than ever with existing and new users of the handset. While the handset has overcome its faulty issues, the explosions will linger via "GTA 5" Mods which are trending now.

After receiving untold amounts of complaints and getting to the point where forfeiting all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, the handset is back. For those who opted to wait on the improved Galaxy Note 7, the device is now said to be free of issues like overheating and fast-draining batteries. The South Korean company also assured that the device will no longer explode. The company also shipped out Note 7 handsets to retailers, partners and carriers, The Verge reported.

Previous reports have already noted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have already started selling in South Korea since Oct. 1. The device now includes a new battery indicator: the green battery icon on the Status Bar, the Power Off screen and Always On display. It is said that numerous Galaxy Note 7 users have already exchanged their handsets for the new Galaxy Note 7 and many more are purchasing the overhauled device, Samsung D'light shop, Seoul manager Junghyun Kim said.

Moreover, AT&T offers an $879.99, Verizon sells cheaper at $864. On the other hand, both T-Mobile and Sprint sell the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 at $849.99. The device is available in various color options: the Blue Coral, Black Onyx and Silver Titanium models.

In other news, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has replaced the sticky explosives in "Grand Theft Auto 5." A GIF was spotted online showing the then-dangerous Galaxy Note 7 in danger of explosion, GTA 5 Mods reported. The internet joke came from the modder Hitman Nikko.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was said to be the inspiration for the "GTA 5" Mods. Several other modders also followed suit depicting more Note 7 bombs. One particular video showed the device showcased among other dangerous weapons. The gamer ends up picking up the device as a weapon which was aimed at targets. The handsets exploded once it hit the ground. Watch a Review of the Newly Released Samsung Galaxy Note 7 here:

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