'Vikings' Season 5 Predictions SPOILERS: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo Teases Brotherly Relationship Between Alfred The Great & Althered? [PHOTO, POSSIBLE PLOT DETAILS]

By Belle Smith , Updated Oct 05, 2016 10:01 AM EDT

There is little doubt that the fifth season of "Vikings" will focus on a new generation of warriors. It has already been confirmed that the History series will feature Athelstan's son Alfred as a young man, who will be played by Ferdia Walsh-Peelo. But will Alfred have a strained relationship with his half-brother Althered in "Vikings" Season 5? Are the princes of Wessex (and Mercia) competing for power after King Ecbert's death?

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo Shares Awesome 'Vikings' Season 5 Photo With Darren Cahill Then Proceeds To Fight With On-Screen Brother

"Vikings" fans have been following Ferdia Walsh-Peelo's Instagram account in hopes for some interesting behind-the-scenes pictures from "Vikings" Season 5. The "Sing Street" star's most recent post shows Walsh-Peelo with Darren Cahill, who will portray Alfred's brother Althered in the new season. The young actor tagged Cahill, who immediately reacted to the post in the comments. The two then began calling each other names in a mock argument.

Although the Instagram post somehow confirms the bond between Ferdia Walsh-Peelo and Darren Cahill, it also had fans wondering whether Alfred and Althered will hate each other in "Vikings" Season 5. After all, King Ecbert seems to favor Athelstan's son although Althered is his true grandson. There is a possibility that Aethelwulf's real son might despise his half-brother because of their grandfather's preference. Will the brothers end up fighting for power in the series?

Will Alfred And Althered Fight To Become The King Of Wessex In 'Vikings' Season 5?

Anything can happen in "Vikings" Season 5, especially when the stakes are high for the princes. Although history reveals Alfred the Great as the hero of Wessex, it is still possible that the series will follow a different storyline that favors Althered. Keep checking GamenGuide for more news about the fifth season of "Vikings".

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