‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: MewTwo, Other Legendaries Set For 2017 Deployment?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 05, 2016 09:30 PM EDT

“Pokemon Go” players may be looking for something that isn’t actually there. This is with reference to the hunt for Legendaries which seems to be nothing more than hype.

As mentioned in a previous post, “Pokemon Go” players were led to believe that MewTwo may eventually be available over at Times Square. That is partly true though the timing of his release is the one that needs detailing.

As before, the only way that “Pokemon Go” players can get a chance to snag MewTwo or any other coveted Legendary Pokemon is through special events. A prerequisite to that is that they have satisfied the level requirements which again is anyone’s guess.

MewTwo Sighting won’t happen until “Pokemon Go” Gen 2

Proof that MewTwo is not expected to show up anytime soon for “Pokemon Go” players to catch is that the Legendary is not yet in the codes. The ones that can be caught would normally be listed in the coding which likely points to future scripts such as the much-talked about Gen 2 update.

While Niantic has yet to officially hint at its coming, the plausible release date is by Spring 2017, Neurogadget reported. That said, the best time to be on the prowl for MewTwo for “Pokemon Go” players is looming to be somewhere from March to May though such would require confirmation.

If that is the case, this means that any MewTwo or Legendary spotting on “Pokemon Go” at the moment should not be expected. They are not in the scripts and the best bet is to wait.

So what do “Pokemon Go” players do for the meantime? With nothing to do but level up, players may want to devote their time ramping up their XPs and hope that their efforts from now until the Spring of 2017 would be enough to position them with others for possible special events dedicated to Legendaries.

It is seen as the logical move right now though some “Pokemon Go” players are likely to be disappointed. But when one thinks of the fair course of the game, it somehow makes sense.

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