‘Half-Life 3’Release Date, Latest News & Update: Potential Plot Likely Different For Third Installment

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 06, 2016 03:47 PM EDT

The future of “Half-Life 3” continued to hang in the balance with no credible word on the future of the game that hit it big back in 1998. Thanks to Sierra Studios, “Half-Life” turned out to be a hit.

While that trip down memory lane should be something to reminisce about, the reality of it all is that skimming over the past doesn’t change the fact that avid video gamers want to see a third installment with “Half-Life 3”.

In a previous post, speculations for “Half-Life 3” included the potential integration of virtual reality which cropped thanks to the spill made by a Valve engineer named Alan Yates. That piece which came out last July spurred up a lot of things with Yates claiming that he has begun to work with a new but smaller AR/VR team.

Marc Laidlaw’s retirement impact

While the game features for “Half-Life 3” is something to ponder, equally important is the storyline for the third installment. Marc Laidlaw was chiefly responsible for the first two parts though all that may change if a third installment does come out.

Whoever ends up stepping into the “Half-Life 3” writing position, it may be best for him to take into consideration the ideology of Laidlaw. That includes experimenting and venturing into the unknown, something that protagonist Gordon Freeman did when he tried to reinvent himself.

It is likely that the new writer for “Half-Life 3” will depend on the call of Valve which in turn has been hooked to possible VR integration.

In a separate post, it was mentioned that “Half-Life 3” could be reusing a Kraken Base which was best known for “Half-Life 2”. Adding some spunk is that players can only access it through deep water where successful adventurers will deal with (possibly) Dr. Helena Mossman.

For now, these are the heated speculation for “Half-Life 3” but all will be useless unless the third installment does come out. It is believed that “Half-Life 3” could come out in 2018 when the game turns 20. Check out the fan-made video below for “Half-Life 3”.

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