'One Punch Man' Season 2 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Updates: Saitama Loses Strength? New Ultimate Villain Revealed! Mobile Game Coming Soon!

By Maui , Updated Oct 07, 2016 11:56 AM EDT

Fans have been looking forward for the anime series "One Punch Man" after it was confirmed that "One Punch Man Season 2" will be happening. Although there are still no official date as to when it will be aired, there are already reports coming online about what the fans can expect on the upcoming season.

The second season for the anime series has been confirmed through its official Twitter account. According to reports, "One Punch Man Season 2" was announced during the Wanpan Autumn Festival last Sept. 25, 2016. The post included an image featuring Saitama's fist with the show title "One Punch Man 2," which can be a great indication of that a sequel is totally coming.

After knowing that there will be a "One Punch Man Season 2," fans have started spreading their own speculations as to what will happen next to the characters in the series especially to the main character, Saitama. According to iTech Post one of it is is that Saitama will be losing its abilities and will become weak for some time.

Aside from Saitama's strength problems that he will encounter in the "One Punch Man Season 2," he will be facing his most trusted friend Genos, who is now considered to be Saitama's ultimate enemy. There were also reports claiming that Saitama will also be fighting Garou, Amai Mask and Lord Boros.

Besides the upcoming anime "One Man Punch Season 2," International Business Times reported that the creators of "One Punch Man" had announced their first mobile video game during the "One Punch Man" Full Festival held in Japan recently. The "One Punch Man" video game is said to follow the story of the first season of the anime series.

Although there are not much details revealed about it, fans can expect that it will be released soon. Stay tuned for more "One Punch Man Season 2" updates here on GameNGuide.

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