Bungie Answers Fan Questions About Destiny

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Feb 23, 2013 01:31 PM EST

Bungie had the whole internet by the short and curlies when they finally "unveiled" Destiny last week. Unfortunately, it was more of a glorified tease than an actual unveiling. They left a whole bunch of fans with a whole lot of questions.

A week later, The Bungie team has finally started answering some of their fans' seemingly endless questions. The questions they answered, however, weren't the ones you might have expected. Instead of explaining more about Destiny's systems or elaborating on the game's mysterious lore, they answered questions like:

"Will you guys make a Harlem Shake vid?"
"My wife says Bungie is my mistress, how does that make you feel?"
"If I walked into the Bungie office today, could I get a high five?"

Meanwhile, they responded to questions about Destiny's release date with a casual; "That's definitely one of those questions we can't answer."

Disappointing though it may be, they did answer some legitimate questions, but only a few. They talked a litte bit about pre-order incentives, Sir Paul McCartney's contribution to the game's soundtrack, and other small details. As in most developer Q-and-A sessions, they weren't going to reveal any information they hadn't planned on discussing.

On bright side, they aren't annoyed by fan's questions, so don't worry about pissing them off when you're pressing them for answers.

In the meantime, check out the full QandA at Bungie.net.

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