MacBook Air 2017 Release Date, News & Update: Apple To Stop Producing New Models Of Laptop?

By Miah Spencer , Updated Oct 10, 2016 08:51 AM EDT

Apple is expected to release an enhanced version of MacBook Air next year. The tech giant issued an update for the 13-inch MacBook Air last April but users are expecting for a whole new version of the portable laptop.

Many have noticed that the multinational company seems to be losing interest for their MacBook Air line-up. During the Apple event held earlier this year, there had been no mention about a new MacBook Air product. The focus had been on the iPhone SE and iPad Pro. Even during the Apple September event, the product line was not also mentioned leading some users to a theory that the company is now planning to stop producing MacBook Air laptops. According to WCCFtech, the expected 2017 update might be the last.

Since it has to maintain its thinness, minimal upgrades can only be provided which could result to its extinction. But there is another speculation that Apple would no longer be releasing a new MacBook Air but might continue producing the current models just like what the company is doing with their old phone models. It appears that the laptop line is already thin enough making it very portable. Adding more upgrades will affect its dimensions.

"This wasn't the MacBook Air, but instead leaped past the Air. They kept the MacBook Air around just as they do with older iPhones, but the MacBook is now in the same position as the newest iPhone. That makes me wonder if the Air will go away over time," stated chief analyst of Jackdaw Research, Jan Dawson, as per MacWorldAs for the specifications of the highly anticipated MacBook Air 2017, it might be thinner and lighter compared to the current versions.

New cooling modules that will fit to its dimension will reportedly be included. New frame designs and batteries might also be featured. New Intel processors will most likely be added along with new and improved RAM. The MacBook Air 2017 is also expected to include a Retina Display and enhanced graphics which are already present in the other Apple product lines. The tech company might also do away with the regular USB ports and replace it with USB-C ports.

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