Samsung Galaxy Note 7 News, Updates: Suspension, Global Recall of Device to Affect Millions to Billions in Sales; Tragedy Not Over

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 10, 2016 09:36 AM EDT

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices have received some massive beef from all that purchased them. For obvious reasons, Samsung is currently suspending the production of the aforementioned device until things allegedly change.

For those unaware, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 model became a thing of controversy as the device was reported on countless occasions to have either smoked, burned or exploded due to its battery provider. Because of this, action had to be taken against the company which resulted in millions to billions of lost revenue all over the globe.

According to The Verge, Samsung announced the suspension of its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 production after the many cases of faulty operation of the said unit, specifically after the said incidents transpired. Such mishaps triggered not just the loss of phones, but also physical injuries to some customers as well.

Multiple social media sites have laid out images on what this massive world-spread fault has done, spilling out what the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is capable of. It can be recalled that a recall of the said unit retrieved over 2.5 million smartphones was done last month, putting Samsung in an embarrassing position to say the least.

As per The Guardian, one particular incident led to the evacuation of passengers from a Southwest Airlines flight in Kentucky simply because a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 began exhibiting symptoms of faults such as popping noises. One more intriguing factor is that the device is already a replacement.

A fund manager by the name of CJ Heo under the Alpha Asset Management claims that he thought the issue was already resolved, but has started to resurface once more. Furthermore, his concern is that this tragic anchor could ultimately pull the sales of Samsung down for the fourth quarter, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall cost the South Korean company dearly.

Will the renowned company be able to resuscitate itself from the chaos caused by the batteries of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Keep posted for more news and updates here at Gamenguide.

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