Macbook Pro 2016 News & Update: Why the Revolutionized Laptop Will Not Have Competitions This October?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 11, 2016 01:13 PM EDT

The Macbook Pro 2016 has been delayed for the second part of October, but it looks like, not even its competitor is ready to challenge the Apple device. In the latest news surrounding the laptop, this will be the thinnest and lightest Macbook Pro version in the history of the company. With an OLED display that replaces the first row of the keyboard, these are just some of the few new features of the 2016 Macbook Pro.

So why did we say it won't have any competitions this October? Apparently, Microsoft is not set to reveal its rival Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2. According to BGR, technology journalist Paul Thurrott said, Microsoft will definitely not refresh the Surface Pro and Surface Book lines this year. When Microsoft will hold its major press conference on October 26 in New York City, don't expect the device to be included. In fact, he said the event will mostly discuss the Windows 10 on PC, Hololens and the Xbox One will grace the event.

That puts Apple's Macbook Pro 2016 on top of the tech market this October. Meanwhile, one of the main factors that led to the delay of the 2016 Macbook Pro, is the apparent updating of its software concept. In fact, Apple was able to release a beta version of the OS in order to get possible feedback from user, prior to releasing the laptop.

Just recently, news about Apple and NVIDIA revolutionizing the new laptops made news online. This is why, consumers are all excited to see the new Macbook Pro 2016. Apple is expected to launch the event and introduce the all new 2016 Macbook Pro series this coming October 27, 2016. Are you still excited to experience the revolutionized laptop from Apple? Where will you be during the launching of the Macbook Pro 2016? Don't miss the exciting new details of the laptop by reading them here on GamenGuide

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