Pokémon Meloetta Giveaway Event Is Underway

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 04, 2013 02:30 PM EST

Get to your local GameStop while you can. Technically underway since yesterday, fans can now mosey into the retailer to get their greasy hands all over the latest legendary Pokémon, Meleotta, for free.

Beginning fights in her Aria Forme, Meloetta fights as a Normal and Psychic-type. But if players come up against a Pokémon where Aria isn't effective, or they just feel like a change of pace, players can have Meloetta switch to her Piroutte Forme, which changes her fighting style to the first ever combination of Normal and Fighting-type.

Meloetta makes a great addition to any players line up, and when players get them from GameStop, not only will the Pokémon come already at level 50, but with powerful moves like Close Combat, Teeter Dance, Psychic, and Round.

She's an exclusive offer to the States, so best find a way to arrange an online trade if you're reading this from across the pond and have to keep your OCD Poké-hoard up to date.

Fans have until March 24th before GameStop's event goes kaput, and then she's gone forever.

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