'Winds of Winter' Latest News & Update: George RR Martin Call It Quits; Materials For Sequel 'A Song Of Fire and Ice' Burned Down?

By Danae Parker , Updated Oct 12, 2016 07:20 PM EDT

The demand to release the sequel for "A Song of Fire and Ice" is rising. However, there are claims coming out that "Winds of Winter" might not be written since some of the materials that George RR Martin stored are gone.

Given the success of "A Song of Fire and Ice," it is not an understatement if fans and followers of the segment would demand for more. However, with the heavy commitment and hectic schedule of George RR Martin, the time to pen down "Winds of Winter" is easier said than done.

Although there are no reports supporting the rumors that the author of "A Song of Fire and Ice" has given up in penning "Winds of Winter," the speculation is still growing. However, every detail has just been debunked since there has been no confirmation that supports the rumors tagging George RR Martin.

Also, George RR Martin has not affirmed the burning of his materials and this notion should be forgotten. In contrast to the rumored belief that George RR Martin is ready to call it quits, there are reports indicating that 2018 is the possible date for the segment's release.

A separate post from GamenGuide also shared of some rumors pertaining to the release date of "Winds of Winter," but were all debunked as well. Moreover, according to the report, it is irrefutable that George RR Martin is one of highly regarded authors of this generation and he already stated that he would work on the sequel of "A Song of Fire and Ice," in the proper time.

Also, he urged fans to not worry since "Winds of Winter" would finally be out in the latter time and George RR Martin has already affirmed that the materials for "Winds of Winter" are vast and he would be using it to write the sequel of "A Song of Fire and Ice," as noted by the same post.

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