‘GTA 5’ Online News & Update: DLC Reveals New Vehicles; Halloween Surprise Update will Feature Tron Costume and Bike

By Louise Bonquin , Updated Oct 14, 2016 12:16 AM EDT

"GTA 5" Online recently received an update on its Bikers DLC. Rockstar Games introduced two new rides called Daemon Custom and BR Raptor, added new features and more. The latest update is for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

"GTA 5" players were delighted with the contents of the new Bikers Update because aside from the vehicles and features, there are new added options. It now allows the users to form their own biker gang, customize their bikes and even set-up their own business. The update also contained the "Sixth Property" that allow players to buy new properties.The acquired property can serve as new "housing" for additional vehicles that cannot be accommodated in garages or clubhouse anymore.

With more space, there is no need to let go of precious rides that players have come to love. In addition, Rockstar Games also announced that there will be Biker bonuses offered between Oct. 11 - 24. The game developer urged players to go for the "GTA 5" Online discounts and unlockable rewards because these will only be available for two weeks.

Halloween Surprise

Shortly after the release of "GTA 5" Bikers update, Rockstar revealed that another content is coming up in time for the Halloween. One of the new modes included in the bikers update - the "Lost vs. Damned," is actually part of the Halloween DLC.This event will pit players in a match and they can either be on Angels or Devils team. Angels are only allowed to score at day time while Devils during the night.

For a more realistic "GTA 5" seasonal event, a new Halloween weather system will be in the update as well. Players can choose from a list of weather modes to achieve the spooky look that Halloween normally has. Finally, it was reported that the event will be completed with a Tron bike and matching outfit. However, players have to spend a lot to get the new Halloween-themed costume for it was said to cost 200,000. Watch the "GTA 5" Halloween DLC Tron Outfits below:

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