‘Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Complete Game by Unlocking Secret Stars

By Laine Lucas , Updated Oct 14, 2016 12:42 PM EDT

Scott Cawthon's newest game creation "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" recently released and the game has yet brought another set of nightmare adventures for players. What makes 'FNAF: Sister Location' interestingly creepy is how players need to survive the frightful nights to finish the game.

To make this possible, a player will need to earn three secret stars - obtaining which requires completion of certain challenges. It has now been revealed that earning the third star will bring an alternate ending to the game. The first star will unlock a new menu from the game, the "Extras" menu. The second star rewards players with a keycard to the "Private Room," which will then pave way to the third star, which will bring the "Butter" in the Extras.

All stars for the "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" can be obtained by completing different challenges. To get the first star, all a player needs to do is to play "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" the standard way, which is to survive all five nights without getting killed. Surviving Night 5 will reward players with the first star and as mentioned, the Extras menu will then be unlocked. Moving on to the second star, surviving now becomes even more difficult.

When a player dies, there will appear a special mini game but it only does so at a random time. This means that on the first death, the special game might not pop out and players will need to die over and over to get access to the mini-game. The mini game should be completed to get the second star and a keycard. This can be achieved by collecting treats and giving them to children that appear on screen. The keycard will now be used to enter the Private Room, which is available on Night 5 only.

The room has certain quests that also need to be completed. Players will also need to survive the night from Ennard. Once a player successfully escape the animatronic, "Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location" will have the alternate ending and the game will then be completed. Since the game has a true and alternate ending, Ennard's story still ended in a cliffhanger. This suggests that there could be a continuation to the story in the form of a new game.

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