MacBook Pro 2017 Latest News, Release Date & Update: 13 & 15-inch Variants Actually Refreshed MacBook Air Models?

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 14, 2016 11:53 PM EDT

Apple is widely expected to unveil the MacBook Pro 2016 line anytime soon though not all may be officially out for 2016. There could be some saved for 2017 which somehow ties up the MacBook Air. Per rumors, the MacBook Air could be debuting alongside the new MacBook Pros. But the more logical scenario is actually next year where Retina MacBook Pro 2017 are expected to debut.

That said, it calls to mind the insights of KGI analyst Ming Chi-Kuo who revealed that there could be new Retina MacBook Pro 2017 devices ahead. Similar to the MacBook Pro 2016, the difference is the “Retina” part which could possibly be the new name for the MacBook Air, Apple Insider reported. Kuo actually mentioned that the 13-inch model could be coming out alongside a 12-inch MacBook Air though the two may eventually end up in the same Apple product line.

The retina MacBook Pro 2017 is expected to be lighter and come armed with a bunch of new features. As far as the 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro 2017 is concerned, the rumored specs include an Intel 28-watt U-Series chipset that will likely come with improved graphics, a Force Touch trackpad, better flash storage and improved battery life.

On the other end, a 15-inch MacBook Pro 2017 could don the same specs except for the chipset which could be a more powerful Kaby Lake processor and a better graphics processing unit, Mac Rumors reported. For those following our reports on the MacBook Pro 2016 line, most of the specs mentioned above ring a bell.

Pricing for the MacBook Pro 2017 continues to be sketchy though some believe it may be priced reasonably. The 13-inch model could be priced speculatively around $1035 though it would be best to wait and see what Apple officially announces. Besides, the best to look forward now is the MacBook Pro 2016, a device likley to showcase the features of the rumored retina-backed Apple laptop next year.

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