PlayStation VR News & Update: Check Out The Best Game It Has Ever Launched, Check Out ‘Rez Infinite’ On PS4

By Bernie Y. , Updated Oct 15, 2016 12:35 PM EDT

The world of virtual reality (VR) has opened up a lot of opportunities for game developers and gamers were treated to a whole new level of experience. PlayStation VR launched a series of games taking the virtual reality to the next level. What surprising though is the revelation that the best-launched games are titles with music, trippy visuals, and rhythmic actions.

'Rez Infinite' Review

PlayStation VR recently launched a wide-array of new games ranging from extreme action plays to fantasy adventures. The Verge notes that the best-launched game includes those with music and psychedelic visuals and actions.

These titles now available on PlayStation VR often put players into a trance-like state. The online publication identified the "Thumper" and "SuperHyperCube" among the best VR games as of date. The former game is a hypnotic rhythm game while the latter is a pretty retro puzzler. However, the one the tops it all is a 15-year-old game titled "Rez."

"Rez" first launched on the Saga Dreamcast and PlayStation 2 in 2001. It was designed to be a simple rail shooter, which had an HD remake for Xbox 360. On Thursday, the game launched on PS4 titled as "Rez Infinite." Players are forced down a path and they are forced to shoot enemies as they pass by. The PlayStation VR game also allows players to fire at multiple enemies simultaneously by holding X.

Other VR Games

Following 'Rez Infinite' in the list of top PlayStation VR games is 'Tumble VR,' The Guardian added. This is a simple puzzle game that allows players to pile up blocks to overcome various goals.

It may include reaching for height, deflecting lasers or building round obstacles. The PlayStation VR game is similar to a simulated for of Jenga, the online publication noted. Following "Tumble VR" is "EVE Valkyrie," a traditional 3D shooter.

Meanwhile, a number of PlayStation VR issues have been reported according to IGN. Players reported cases of the abruptly shifting the view to the left while playing. As a result, they are forced to realign their position as their view shifts. PlayStation is yet to respond to the issues. 

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