'Pokemon GO' Cheats, Tricks & Tips: Players Can Use Maps Again! FastPokeMap Tracker Has Been Revived!

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Oct 16, 2016 12:32 PM EDT

Gamers who love the augmented reality app from Niantic, "Pokemon GO" should know that the map tracker called FastPokeMap has been revived and is now back online. The makers have taken to Twitter to share the news, claiming that FastPokeMap should be up and running again by this weekend.

The unnamed creator, who goes by the Twitter handle @FastPokeMapCom and hails from South Africa, used the social media channel to share the said news. As of yesterday, the team had been working on putting the "Pokemon GO" map tracker called FastPokeMap back online. They tweeted that they were working on bringing the site back online and that they were only lacking one more hash function.

For those who enjoy "Pokemon GO," a map tracker would be useful to better find and capture Pokemon. However, Niantic was quick to shut down access to the game by third party apps. This is because they have found many cheaters in the game. Niantic took measures to make sure that these apps would not enable gamers to cheat.

According to Heavy, the creators of FastPokeMap for "Pokemon GO" disabled the other scanners' access to its API because it was taking a toll on their servers. Just when they were about to address the problem, however, Niantic went ahead and shut down access to the game through a new security update that prohibits third-party scanners to access it.

Some "Pokemon GO" players expressed their disgust, saying that FastPokeMap truly made their gaming experience even better and easier. Some even said that they would stop playing "Pokemon GO" in the event that they could not use FastPokeMap anymore. Other hardcore gamers, on the other hand, believe that any third party apps are a form of cheating, so it's best that Niantic shut down access to the game. Have you experienced playing "Pokemon GO" using the FastPokeMap tracker? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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