‘Final Fantasy 15: Stormblood’ Release Date, News & Update: Two Heroes Duel On A Grand Statue’s Hand! More Game Details [Watch Teaser]

By V Doctor , Updated Oct 17, 2016 09:55 PM EDT

Square Enix recently featured a trailer of the next "Final Fantasy XIV" expansion, titled, "Stormblood." "Final Fantasy XIV" fans have much to look forward to as the game developer continues to provide them with major updates and new content.

Cinema Blend wrote that the new "Final Fantasy XIV" teaser video hinted that "Stormblood" will be just as good as the previous expansion, "Heavensward," or even better. The "Final Fantasy XIV" trailer started with a beautiful flyover through what seems like a secret ancient but majestic village beneath a high rocky cliff. There were waterfalls above the artistic structures. As the camera moved up, a grand statue of a bearded man carved on the side of the mountain was revealed with his hand extending outward.

On the palm of the giant statue were a lady in red and a tough-looking man. In the "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" video, the woman initially did a ceremonious martial art routine before attempting to kick the man, who efficiently dodged the attack in the middle of his meditation session. In the "Final Fantasy XIV" teaser, the two engaged in a dramatic duel until the scene stops with both of them blocking each other's punches. The scene moved back to the city below, showing men preparing canons and spears and getting ready to rally.

The battle high above continued in the "Final Fantasy XIV" video,with neither fighter landing a successful blow. The two temporarily rested from the duel, and then prepared for a powerful special attack, their blue and red auras glowing around them, respectively. They immediately leapt towards each other to engage, and the scene slowed down and paused before they finished their assault. The game title "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" followed, together with the release schedule, in summer 2017.

Siliconera stated that the launch date of "Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" was announced at the Fan Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada. Naoki Yoshida attended the event and provide gamers some details about the upcoming content. The producer also gave a quick look at some of the new areas, a new job gear for White Mage, Dark Knight, Bard and Black Mage in the "Final Fantasy XIV" expansion, together with the teaser trailer.

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