'Killing Floor 2' Release Date, News & Updates: New PS4 Pro Gameplay Footage Looks Totally Sweet [VIDEO]

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Oct 18, 2016 11:57 AM EDT

Sony's PlayStation 4 upgrade, codenamed the PS4 Neo and now officially known as the PlayStation 4 Pro, will be the 4K-capable big brother of the current-gen console. It's going to render games in ultra high-definition when it comes out, and one of the games it's going to make even prettier is the upcoming PS4 version of "Killing Floor 2."

Since it's just a recent announcement, not much is known yet about how the PlayStation 4 Pro is going to show games in 4K. But "Killing Floor 2" developer Tripwire Interactive has released a short compilation, via GameSpot, of what the sequel to the classic zombie shooter game's going to look like on the new console.

"Killing Floor 2" is still obviously playable on an ordinary PS4. But thanks to the PS4 Pro's more superior hardware, playing it on that console will result in a better visual experience, whether your TV is 4K or not. The game is just optimized for best use with a 4K TV, but the improvements will be seen on a regular HD TV as well.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is touted to be 4K and HDR capable of bringing the best visual experience to video games right now. It's coming out in time for the holiday season on November 10, and it will retail for $400 in the US. According to another GameSpot report, the PS4 Pro is meant to "complement" your original PS4 and "sit beside it," as it's still going to be sold with the original PS4.

However, it's still unsure how that's going to work from what we know about the console right now. What they want to accomplish with the PS4 Pro is still a mind-boggling concept. Check out the video below, which you can play in up to 4K resolution:

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