Macbook Air 2016 News Update: Beloved Apple Laptop will Appear Alongside Macbook Pro 2016 this October

By Staff Reporter , Updated Oct 18, 2016 07:02 AM EDT

This week has been all about the hype on the Macbook Pro 2016 arriving this end of October. That leaves the Macbook Air 2016 on the sides; giving no indication whether it is actually discontinued or under development. Fans of the two Apple laptops are ecstatic, but there is also the lingering doubts whether the Macbook Air 2016 will also arrive this October.

According to MacRumors,  there is every reason to believe that Macbook Air 2016 will also arrive on the 28th of October, alongside the macbook pro 2016. A reliable Chinese Supplier apparently confirmed its inclusion, unfortunately not for the 11-inch version, but the 13-inch Macbook Air 2106.

Both Apple laptops will feature the USB-C ports and Thunderbolt 3 support. Unfortunately, that's all they can release about the Macbook Air 2016 laptop for now. For the Macbook Pro, fans are now aware that, the upcoming version is the revolutionized design, which features a thinner, lighter but more powerful Macbook pro line.

The four part USB-C type that was previously rumored is said to replace the SD card slot, an HDMI port, USB-A ports, and a MagSafe connection. This however, is still unconfirmed and everything else will be unveiled on during the Apple event. Also, Apple and NVIDIA previously dominated the news when they were introduced to partner on a revolutionized laptop. That alone increases the anticipation on the new design of the Macbook pro 2016 and the Macbook Air 2016.

The alleged Macbook laptops from Apple are expected to launch on the 28th of October with shipments starting at the end of the month. As of now, Apple has not given any invitation for their media event, which puts the anticipation on a 50/50 touch.

Are you all set to experience the all new Macbook Air 2016? How do you feel about the much anticipated new design of the Macbook Pro 2016 series? Make the end of October exciting by reading all the updates on your favorite gadgets here on GameNGuide.

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