'Fallout' Fashion: Bethesda Offering Vault 101 Sneakers and Hoodies

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Mar 19, 2013 02:22 PM EDT

By this point, I imagine you all have an excellent collection of bottle caps to fall back on when the inevitable nuclear war happens. However, when you emerge from the nuclear exchange unscathed, you'd best make sure you look good while on your trudge on through the wasteland.

Bethesda knows this, which is why they're now offering some Vault 101 themed gear in their recently opened online store. Most stores these days have some kind of variant of a hoodie, and Bethesda is no exception (currently out of stock however). But not all of these sort of stores offer sneakers.

Valut manufacturer Vault Tec is emblazoned on the tongue, and their logo on the heel, with "Vault 101" written across the side of the shoe, so folks know where to return your body once Super Mutants get the better of you.

However, I'm still waiting for a fully working PIP Boy. Get on that Bethesda.

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