‘The Librarians’ Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers, News & Update: God Of Chaos To Claim The Life Of One Librarian?

By Mark Jason Alcala , Updated Oct 19, 2016 09:46 AM EDT

"The Librarians" Season 3 release date will finally happen in a month. After months of waiting, fans of the TNT adventure series will finally see another exciting season of show. For those who are wondering what next season could bring, here are some details to expect in the coming "The Librarians" Season 3 premiere date.

'The Librarians' Season 3 Cast

Fan may expect their favorite actors to return to the small screen when "The Librarians" Season 3 release date arrive next month. These include Rebecca Romjin as the Guardian Eve Baird, Christian Kane reprises his role as Jacob Stone, Lindy Booth returns as Cassandra Cillian, John Kim as Ezekiel Jones and John Larroquette as Jenkins.

However, the arrival of "The Librarians" Season 3 release date will also reveal a new member of the cast. Well, he is not exactly new to the franchise as he was the lead actor of the original "The Librarians" film series.

The actor of course is Noah Wyle. The actor will be appearing in six of the ten episodes of "The Librarian" Season 3 as Flynn Carsen reports TV.com. In addition, Wyle will also be directing two episodes of the upcoming season.

'The Librarians' Season 3 Plot - New, More Powerful Villains

The team will be facing new powerful villains when "The Librarians" Season 3 release date comes. They will come up against the powerful Egyptian God of Chaos, reports Indie Wire. The team will have to do everything in their power to stop the Egyptian God from spreading chaos and evil into the world. It will not be an easy fight as it is hinted that their triumph might cost them the life of one member. Who's life will it be?

But it will not just be the Egyptian God that the team will be facing in the coming "The Librarians" Season 3. The team will have to deal with a new group as well, The Department of Statistical Anomalies or D.O.S.A. The new group's will make it their mission to gain control of the Library as well as all the magical artifact therein.

"The Librarians" Season 3 release date is slated this coming November 20, 2016. Stay tuned to GamenGuide for updates.


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