‘Married At First Sight’ Season 4 Episode 14 News & Update: Tom Tired Of Lillian's Whining; Sonia Playing Hard To Get?

By Aloha Baldovino , Updated Oct 19, 2016 10:14 AM EDT

In just a couple of weeks, the "Married At First Sight" Season 4 couples have described the life of what's it's like to be involved in a marriage. Clearly, the couples believed in marriage but there are difficulties along the way.

Following the stories of the couples, they all present the different aspects of marriage. Derek and Heather were tempted to give up their marriage and called for divorce. Even with the help and guidance of the experts, the couple did not see their future in each other.

Nick and Sonia on the other hand, are also not in a good shape. Their marriage is starting to fall apart, and with just two weeks away from announcing to stay married or not, Sonia and Nick might end up like Derek and Heather, Gamenguide reports.

Tom and Lilian seems to be the strongest, however, in "Married At First Sight" Season 4 Episode 14, Tom and Lillian are experiencing a relationship strain. To recap, the couples were sent to their second honeymoon to once again spark their romance and save their relationship, US Weekly reports.

Tom and Lillian went on a bus trip to Florida Keys, where they would spend their second honeymoon. The trip was not easy for Lillian because she is certainly not comfortable being in the bus too long. She complained about everything, even the bed on the bus.

"Married At First Sight" Season 4 enabled Sonia and Tom experience hardships in marriage. Nick has hope that Sonia would somehow see his effort to win her back. However, when Nick asked Sonia if she is ready to live with Nick, Sonia automatically hesitated.

Reports have described Sonia as someone who is playing hard to get. Sonia might have rejected Nick's offer, but she is willing commit, and desires to take things slow. "Married At First Sight" Season 4 airs every Tuesday.

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