‘Halo 4’ Updated: Faster Weapon Tuning, No Need For Constant Patches [UPDATE]

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Mar 22, 2013 09:35 AM EDT

Developer 343 Industries hit gold with “Halo 4” and now the company has released a brand new update for the popular first-person shooter that comes with a boatload of additional options and fixes.

The update enables players to tweak gun balancing in the background meaning players won’t have to download an additional new patch every time.

The update list is from "Halo: Waypoint" and community manager BS angel discusses the reason why: “Previously added weapon adjustments, such as the Bolt Shot Nerf that went live last month, needed a title update in order to be released," he writes.

"With this title update, we are adding the ability to make weapon adjustments outside of the standard title update process. This will allow us to fine tune and tweak the Halo 4 sandbox as often or not as often as needed.”

However, angel also reminds everyone that “even the tiniest of changes affects the sandbox as a whole, so these adjustments will be closely scrutinized and carefully tested before being released.”

Below is the full list of the patch notes:

  • Enabled “X-Markers” on the HUD to designate when and where teammates are killed.
  • Updated Active Camo to fully reveal players when they fire all weapons.
  • Reduced the auto aim, magnetism and damage on the Gauss Warthog.
  • Fixed an issue in which some players at SR-130 did not see their Specialization on their in-game Player Card.
  • Fixed various issues with ordnance navigation markers.
  • Fixed various join-in-progress issues with Flood.
  • Added the ability to make weapon adjustments via backend tuning.
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