‘Diablo 4’ Release Date, News & Update: Why The Big Reveal Is Not Happening On BlizzCon 2016?

By AASalvador , Updated Oct 20, 2016 09:03 AM EDT

With BlizzCon 2016 happening in just a few weeks away, fans of "Diablo 4" are getting excited that the big reveal might just happen on the said event. A series of events have made some fans conclude that the Blizzard's hit action role-playing video game will finally have a release date.

This 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of "Diablo," so what is better than Blizzard officially announcing the details of "Diablo 4?" Well, some fans think that an HD re-master of "Diablo 2" will do, for now, in the absence of the fourth franchise.

Rumors of the big reveal started when Blizzard handed out goody bags to BlizzCon 2016 attendees. Inside the loot was a set of dice that displays the number 1,1 and 4 which can be interpreted as 11-4 or Nov 4. As it happens, that date is also the first day of BlizzCon where "Diablo 4" is expected to be announced.

It did not help that David Brevik, a former Blizzard veteran who worked on the second installment of "Diablo," tweeted a constellation image with a caption that says he is proud to be the adviser of a game like "Diablo." Fans seem to get more excited with the development that "Diablo 4" will soon be happening.

However, all hopes were crushed when Brevik tweeted again saying that he is not working on "Diablo," currently or in the future. Even Bill Roper, former vice president of Blizzard North and project leader of "Diablo 2," denied that he is working on a "Diablo 4" series. He said it is an honor, but sadly everything is just a rumor.

With "Diablo 3" selling more than 30 million units, and 3 million more for "Reaper of Soul," it is not far that Blizzard will soon launch "Diablo 4." Are you excited for the big reveal on BlizzCon 2016? Tell us what you think and stay tuned to GamenGuide!

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