'Titanfall 2' Release Date, News & Update: Sequel Plans in Limbo, Developer Reasons Limited Capability Holding Up

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Oct 20, 2016 07:44 PM EDT

CEO Vince Zampella of game developer Respawn confirms plans towards potential trilogy after "Titanfall 2" and other titles are in the pipeline, including a shift into mobile gaming.

Zampella admits that "Titanfall 2" is the flagship of the company. There are several ideas floating around and next move could be ensuring they will come to fruition. The CEO also boasts that even with "Titanfall" franchise alone, Respawn can already make a wider universe to entice the gaming community.

"Titanfall 2" is going to hit the road after the next two weeks but tradition dictates that all successful titles should come up with decent sequels. The original iteration stormed the gaming world and was an instant hit. Zampella said that there were calls even then to remake this title for PlayStation 4 but Respawn decided to make "Titanfall 2" instead. He added that current Respawn has limited capacity for such remakes, Game Spot reported.

Meanwhile, Segment Next said that "Titanfall 2" comes up with a new twist called Coliseum mode. One thing unique about this setup is the one-on-one player against player gameplay. Lots of cool stuff like camos and callsigns await those who can best their opponents. This head to head-style match employs best of three rule where the gamer can win the match by defeating opponents twice.

In another related development, "Titanfall 2" derivative "Frontline" is going to invade as well. This mobile game will be a free-to-play Android and iOS title. There is no tentative date yet but Respawn confirmed that this game will not wait until next year for release. Respawn tapped the mobile gaming mainstay Nexon for this project.

Now for those waiting for "Titanfall 2," they will be happy to know that Respawn breached the PC, Xbox only versions in the original "Titanfall." This sequel will now include PlayStation 4 consoles. "Titanfall 2" pegs at Oct 28 for official release. Again, this titles offers flexibility of choices that will now include PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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