'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News, Release Date & Update: Brand-new Alolan Pokemon; 'Ultra-Beasts' To Be Released; No More Hidden Machines!

By Kaye Reese , Updated Oct 21, 2016 10:25 AM EDT

There's quite a long way to go before the official launch of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" comes into fruition, but datamining for its demo remains underway. As Gamefreak developers continue in their quest to make the game the very best, several spoilers for the upcoming new Pokemon game have already leaked worldwide, including an all-new Pokedex for "Pokemon Sun and Moon" as well the removal of the Hidden Machines (HM) feature from the game.

Brand new Pokedex

Several fans worldwide have dutifully catalogued the new Pokemon when the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" demo hit Japan and other parts of the world on Oct. 17. According to various threads from Reddit, there are 81 Pokemon which come from the Alola region, including their shiny versions as well as their Alolian variants.

There aren't names for the new Pokemon yet, but there are sprites, which already give some detail as to how the Pokemon on "Pokemon Sun and Moon" would look like. Fans were particularly focused on the final-stage evolution of the starter Pokemon: Rowlett, Litten and Popplio.

Gaming and tech site Polygon, which reviewed the new creatures in "Pokemon Sun and Moon," found Popplio's final evolution to be disconcerting, echoing disgruntled Pokemon fans' sentiments. Popplio, which looked closer to a woodpecker in its basic form, would eventually evolve into a pelican-looking Pokemon, which Polygon described as "weird even by Pokemon biological standards."

Oceanic-themed Pokemon; Ultra Beasts

Polygon also took note of the regional forms of the new Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." The gaming developers had all colored them according to Alola's oceanic theme. Johtoan Pokemon like Meowth and Diglett, on the other hand, had also gotten Alolan versions in "Pokemon Sun and Moon." There are also what the Pokemon Company called Ultra Beasts, which players will be encountering in their journeys.

Hidden Machines no more

Another significant change that trainers can look forward to in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is the removal of the Hidden Machine feature. Players would recall that Hidden Machines are highly specific powers, like Dig, Flash, Cut, that are supposed to aid them during their journeys, but do not necessarily have much battle power.

They make life hard for trainers especially since they're virtually permanent, unless you go to a Move Deleter house. Without the Hidden Machine feature, players of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can now enjoy more flexibility when it comes to their Pokemon skill sets.

Can't wait to try the new Pokemon game out? "Pokemon Sun and Moon" will launch on Nov. 18. Meanwhile, players can try out the demo here.

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