'Deadpool 2' Release Date, News & Update: Director Tim Miller Parts Ways with Production Due to Creative Differences?

By Olivia Cavallaro , Updated Oct 23, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

One of this year's biggest film releases came in the form of Marvel's "Deadpool," from director Tim Miller. The highly acclaimed film starred Ryan Reynolds as the titular character and introduced a new character to the MCU. "Deadpool 2" was confirmed to be happening but the latest news surrounding the film is that director Tim Miller parts ways with production due to creative differences.

The box office hit sequel "Deadpool 2" has lost its director. Deadline reports that Tim Miller parts ways with production due to creative differences with Reynolds, who also plays a big role behind the scenes of the movie. Miller's departure comes after creative differences ensued between himself and Reynolds. While Miller hasn't officially signed on for the gig, he was already developing a script for "Deadpool 2."

Now that Tim Miller parts ways with production, he is free to move on with Fox's "Influx," which is the beginning of another franchise. But who will take over the directorial role for "Deadpool 2?" The 2016 film that relaunched Reynolds' career made $786 million worldwide, a figure that is truly franchise-worthy and indicative of a sequel.

But now that Tim Miller left the film production because of Reynolds, it seems that the studio will definitely have to look for a new director in time for the 2018 release of "Deadpool 2." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is currently in its casing stages, as they are already looking at six actresses to play the role of Domino, who will star as the female lead alongside Reynolds' Deadpool.

Although Tim Miller parts ways with production due to creative differences, fans are assured that the departure was amicable and that there is no bad blood between Miller and Reynolds. "Deadpool 2" is expected to proceed to theaters this 2018. For more "Deadpool 2" news, tune in to GamenGuide!

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