'Spiderman 2' Release Date, News & Update: Tom Holland Hints Movie Sequel! Coming Villains Now In Discussion? Will Kraven The Hunter Appears?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Oct 23, 2016 03:22 AM EDT

"Spiderman: Homecoming" hasn't hit the theaters yet, but Tom Holland, Peter Parker/Spiderman himself, revealed that Marvel is already eyeing for the coming of "Spiderman 2." The 20-year-old star announced in an interview at WWD that they are already talking about a sequel.

"My next project, I can't tell you about, but we've just finished 'Spider-Man' and we're talking about the second one and who the villain is going to be and where we're going," Tom Holland said, per Movie Pilot. Evidently, Sony and Marvel might be satisfied with the result of "Spiderman: Homecoming," so they are now looking forward to make "Spiderman 2."

Aside from "Spiderman: Homecoming" photos emerging online, no one has seen Tom Holland doing the action yet. And although no one from Marvel or Sony confirms the coming of "Spiderman 2," many believe that it will be in the works - especially that Spiderman is known for topping the box office. This, too, can be asserted by the acceptance of the people to Tom Holland's portrayal as the web-head superhero.

Meanwhile, Tom Holland also mentioned that they are now thinking the villains who are going to face Spiderman in "Spiderman 2." Cinema Blend claimed that the baddies fans are about to see in the sequel will be first introduced in "Spiderman: Homecoming." Marvel and Sony may follow the "no villains from previous Spidey movies policy," but the antagonist might be tackled in the first movie and will be born in the sequel.

It was first predicted that Kraven the Hunter might be Spiderman's antagonist in "Spiderman 2." However, some said that Joe Manganiello is the perfect fit for the supervillain, but he will already portray Deathstroke in the coming solo "Batman" movie.

"Spiderman 2" is still in early development stage, so Sony and Marvel haven't announced its official release date yet. On the other hand, "Spiderman: Homecoming" will hit the theaters on July 7, 2017, with The Vulture (Michael Keaton), (Bokeem Woodbine) with the appearance of Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).

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