'Heroes of the Storm' News & Updates: Next Week Is All About The Blademaster Samuro In Samuro Hero Week!

By Joe Marsalis , Updated Oct 23, 2016 10:18 AM EDT

Here's the truth: Blizzard's "Heroes of the Storm" is one of the freshest MOBAs out there right now. Because the mechanics are quite simple and dynamic at the same time, Blizzard can keep adding a lot of beloved characters consistently. This week, it'll be all about Orcish Blademaster Samuro, the latest addition to the game that first debuted in "Warcraft 3."

Samuro, from the Burning Blade clan of Orc warriors in the original lore, is a melee assassin-type character in "Heroes of the Storm." His hero abilities in "Warcraft 3" are pretty much the same abilities he'll be using, like the Wind Walk, Mirror Image, the Critical Strike passive ability, and his Bladestorm ultimate ability. He gets another ultimate for the player to choose, which is usual in the game, called Illusion Master. This ultimate allows Samuro to create two mirror images he can control and teleport to, like Spectre's ultimate ability Haunt in "Dota 2." Samuro, however, plays more like Phantom Lancer.

Samuro's "Heroes of the Storm" talents include Way of the Wind, which increases his Wind Walk move speed. Crushing Blow provides a second charge to Critical Strike, allowing the critical hit to go off a second time in quick succession. Blademaster's Pursuit enhances his passive trait Advancing Strikes, which gives him a speed boost whenever he lands a blow. Blizzard lists his weaknesses as Kael'thas, Malfurion, and Lunara.

According to Blizzard developer Kent-Erik Hagman in Red Bull, Samuro had been in development for a while, but the bosses weren't too happy with him. It took them some time before they finally got an adaptation right. Samuro is now available to play for free this week on "Heroes of the Storm." He'll be free to play until the end of the week. After which, you'll have to buy him with either cash or in-game gold. You can also wait for him to be available to play via the free hero rotation.

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