'The Walking Dead Season 7' Spoilers, Updates & Reviews: Negan's Victim Revealed After Long Wait; Love it or Hate it, Here's The Answer!

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Oct 24, 2016 01:40 AM EDT

"The Walking Dead Season 7" Premiere has finally arrived. With so much at stake lying on the line for both the casual fans and novel fans, the big reveal has certainly done its part in saddening and giving relief to the eager spectators.

To those still unable to watch the premiere episode of "The Walking Dead Season 7," "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be," this article contains major spoilers ahead. It is advised to view the remainder of the article only if interested to know the continuity of the series without watching.

According to Forbes, it took a handful of months before fans actually heard something interesting for "The Walking Dead Season 7" care of the preview provided prior to the opening episode. That being said, the tease on who the villain Negan clobbered to death continued to escalate quickly, now coming to a halt that many saw during the season premiere. As the episode moved forward, it was seen that Negan allegedly killed off Abraham, with the victim uttering a final statement of defiance to the perpetrator.

As per Variety, an overwhelmed Daryl took a solid swing at Negan, agitating the villainous leader of the Saviors. Given that Negan declared in the beginning that he does not tolerate outbursts and the like, he stuck with his word and did what many fans of the novel's series expected: clubbing Glenn to his death. Being the most shocking to some and at the same time, not at all -- "The Walking Dead Season 7" did push through with the death of one major character, adherent to how Glenn really died in the graphic novel.

One of the most important feats during the premiere of "The Walking Dead Season 7" is the way that things have changed for Rick and the remainder of the crew. After the two deaths, Rick is rendered defenseless, having to make critical choices such as diving into a horde of Walkers to simply get his hatchet, forced to cut off Carl's arm with it and lastly, accepting the reality that Negan owns them entirely.

Fans who anticipated the outcome due to what the graphic novel provided gave a nod to the move of the series, as it went on to follow the plot. However, casual fans of the franchise seemingly could not help but to weep over the loss of the particular character, especially as Maggie bears their child at the moment. "The Walking Dead Season 7" also looks to introduce King Ezekiel in the next episode, though only previews of him have surfaced thus far.

What else can fans expect in the coming days of "The Walking Dead Season 7?" Keep posted for more updates and news here at GamenGuide.

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