'Samurai Jack' Season 5 To End With Jack's Death, Final Season Air Date Set For March 2017?

By Belle Smith , Updated Oct 24, 2016 06:56 PM EDT

It was certainly good news when Adult Swim announced that the fifth season of "Samurai Jack" will be part of the upcoming Toonami roster for 2016-2017. The new season has already been confirmed to be much darker than its predecessors and it certainly looks like Jack will be in for a bloody adventure.

But is it possible that "Samurai Jack" Season 5 will conclude with a truly depressing death? Will Jack die in the show's final season?

Will 'Samurai Jack' Season 5 Conclude With The Death Of Jack?

There is little doubt that "Samurai Jack" Season 5 will serve as a turnaround for its protagonist, who will be much older in the series. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky has already teased that the final chapter of Jack's story will be a satisfying ending for the animated show.

However, there are speculations that this could mean the end for Jack. Will "Samurai Jack" Season 5 feature the death of Jack?

It is highly unlikely that Genndy Tartakovsky will kill off his beloved character in the final season of "Samurai Jack". However, fans can expect some sort of closure between the hero and Aku, who will now be voiced by a new actor after the passing of Mako Iwamatsu. In addition to that, Tartakovsky has revealed that Jack's friend the Scotsman will be back in "Samurai Jack" Season 5 (via YouTube).

When Is The 'Samurai Jack' Season 5 Air Date?

GamenGuide has previously reported about former "Samurai Jack" storyboard artist Chris Reccardi announcing the "Samurai Jack" Seeason 5 air date will be on March 2017. However, Jason DeMarco of Toonami has since clarified that the premiere date is not yet set.

Reccardi has then deleted his Facebook post with the rumored "Samurai Jack" Season 5 air date. Make sure to check GamenGuide for more updates on your favorite animated shows.

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