‘Civilization VI’ News, & Updates: How Has Firaxis Changed The Strategy Genre Forever? Has The Game Been Well-Received Thus Far? Find Out Here!

By Enrico Cuenca , Updated Oct 25, 2016 12:00 AM EDT

The Firaxis-developed "Civilization" franchise has become one of the most renowned video game series ever. Its seamless mix of strategy, tactical decision making, and the utilization of the four X's -- expand, explore, exploit, and exterminate -- make this series an open love-letter to strategy fans everywhere. The most recent installment of the series, "Civilization VI," has garnered a positive reception and continues to carry on the Civilization legacy, but how exactly has Firaxis revolutionized the strategy genre to what it is today?

In a video analysis produced by Gamespot, the story of Sid Meier's "Civilization" was put under the microscope. This two-part documentary on "Civilization VI" served to explore the franchise and its effect on the strategy genre and its subgenres as a whole. Editors Mike Mahardy and Richard Li brought up some key points as they narrated through the video.

Historically, Li and Mahardy pointed out that most strategy games today admit to taking inspiration and features from the original "Civilization" game. Dennis Shirk, senior producer at Firaxis studios, stated that in the video game industry, developers and producers tend to borrow ideas from one another, changing them in subtle or blatant ways to match the game they are trying to make. Sid Meier, the head honcho of "Civilization VI" himself, even went as far as to say he feels many video games today have taken elements from his original strategy game philosophies.

Make sure to catch the informative documentary right here to learn more about this storied series. The story of "Civilization VI" will surely make you familiarized with its gameplay. 

In other developments, the reception of "Civilization VI" has been met with rousing praise so far. As reported by Forbes, the newest installment in the "Civilization" franchise is simple enough to enjoy but insanely deep enough to keep players entertained and occupied for a very long time. Reviewer Dave Their stated "Civilization IV" is "something that's fun and vexing at every moment but feels like it could be a life's work to master. It's 'Civilization,' in all its obsessive glory."

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