‘Civilization 6’ Cheats, Tips & Tricks: More Gameplay Details, Strategies Revealed To Win Game; Best Tactics & Strategies to Conquer the World

By Kaye Reese , Updated Oct 25, 2016 07:47 AM EDT

"Civilization 6" took the world by storm when it released on Oct. 21. As always, the PC strategy game debuted to great reception and acclaim among Civ players old and new alike. But now that the franchise is up and running again, players will want to learns the tips and tricks for "Civilization 6" get ahead of the pack in this strategy-based game and dominate the world.

In order to win in "Civilization 6," players will want to learn a variety of strategies to improve their gameplay. From learning the best places to build their cities to planning for the long haul, it's important for Civilization VI players to remember these important tactics and tips to dominate the world in a single 500-turn playthrough.

Good investments: District bonuses

One important tip and trick in winning "Civilization 6" is investing early in Districts. This is a brand new feature in Civilization VI, and are able to unlock possibilities for the players' cities. In order to build a District, players will have to increase the population of the city first.

According to iDigitalTimes, It's important for players to understand the bonuses that come with them, because they get extra benefits especially when they're built next to certain types of terrain. Being able to maximize these bonuses will give players extra power in "Civilization 6" in the long haul.

Going into war and gaining victory

Another important tip and trick in winning "Civilization 6" is capturing unprotected settlers from another civilizations, and skip the warmonger penalties. However, the opponent must also be in the ancient era for players to do so, according to Mobipicker.

If players decide to wage war in "Civilization 6," they must first understand the terrain of the cities they plan to battle with. Hills, for example, gain players + defense modifier while marshes have -2 modifiers, according to SegmentNext. Players must also be able to conquer the city center in order to declare the city fallen. If not, then they must deal significant damage to the city's resources.

Diplomatic strategies in Civilization VI

But while waging wars in "Civilization 6" is pretty much standard gameplay, gaining diplomacy in the game also gets players bonuses. It's important for players to keep sending envoys to other cities, because becoming suzerains earn them bonuses in "Civilization 6." These bonuses include controlling the city's military and resources as well as a 15 percent science increase.

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