'StarCraft' Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Apr 02, 2013 09:21 AM EDT

It was almost 15 years ago today (thanks to my fashionable lateness) that Blizzard took the RTS genre to new heights by launching "StarCraft."

It was just this past weekend that a decade and a half ago saw the launch of what is now one of the biggest RTS' games of its day, and Blizzard will be celebrating the anniversary by offering a new achievement and special rewards for all "StarCraft 2" players.

Until 3:00 AM, EST, April 18th, gamers can unlock a new Feat of Strength achievement, netting them three portrait rewards featuring the original Protoss, Terran and Zerg box art from the original "StarCraft." All players have to do to unlock the achievement and portraits is play one online game in Arcade, Custom, Ranked, Unranked, Training or Versus A.I. mode.

Blizzard is also offering a commemorative desktop wallpaper with the very same icons, as seen in the picture above. Old school fans can grab the wallpaper here.

At risk of sounding entitled, I was hoping for a bit more for "StarCraft" lasting as long as it did. Capcom's blue bomber got his own crossover game with another of the developers infamous properties once the robot master battling AI reached the tender age of 25.

Ah well, might as well be thankful. 

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