Whatsapp Latest Update: App Will Start Enabling Video Calls

By Jeanvan , Updated Oct 26, 2016 11:32 AM EDT

The texting app, WhatsApp, will be rolling new sets of features in the future including video calling capabilities. The company has yet to announce the release date about the incoming advancements but it is confirmed that it will be the next update. A few tech insiders have already had some hands on experience and a sneak peek on the company's ongoing project.

Earlier this month, WhatsApp released an update that heavily improved the performance of the app. It allowed users to take better pictures as well as add emojis on them, according to 98FM. This may not be new, however, for people who have gone accustomed to the app, it is one reason for them to not migrate to a different interface.

To further cope with other developing apps like Snapchat and FaceTime, two companies that have grown exponentially, WhatsApp is integrating video calling capabilities. The company aims to release the feature as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, Android users who have a beta version of the app can now use the feature. However, it is still in the initial stages and users may not want to rely on it for important communications. Nevertheless, it showed promising results.

WhatsApp is concentrating on their Android market with the majority of their testing happening on Android phones while the remaining on the Microsoft Windows Mobile Platform. The iOS has not been much of a priority since the company hasn't mentioned about the feature coming to Apple devices, reported by Techcrunch. It is possible that the company is weighing their impact on the market and FaceTime is too big of a competition.

The company currently has a total user population of 1 billion. It will be a challenge to keep the number constant, but with the efforts they are making, they are increasing their chances of staying in the game.

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