‘Sherlock’ Latest Update, New Season Comes Earlier than Expected

By Jeanvan , Updated Oct 27, 2016 10:03 PM EDT

The famous investigation Sherlock is going to make a re-appearance not too long from now. Fans thought that it will not be coming anytime soon, however, an unanticipated announcement was made by the TV show's twitter account. Other than the release date, a new trailer and the names of the first two episodes have been showcased.

After the end of Sherlock's third season last 2014, an announcement was made that it will be on the year 2017 that the series will be coming back to televisions. At that day, it was still not clear specifically when and fans were doubtful that it was on the first day of the year. However, without any prior hints, the official twitter account of the series posted a picture of the detective's favorite violin with a date stamped on one side. It is confirmed that it will be the day Sherlock's season 4 will be released, on the very first day of January, reported by Cnet.

The names of the first two episodes of Sherlock have also been made public. The first is "The Six Thatchers" and episode 2 is "The Lying Detective". According to IGN, co-creator Steven Morfat said that this might be the last season of the hit series. Nevertheless, it will still be packed with mysteries as Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary, spoke that the new season will be really dark. Twists, revelations and horrifying scenes should be expected by anticipating fans.

There is still a couple of months before Sherlock will be featured again on television, however, a new official trailer was released to showcase the things fans should anticipate. A number of characters made an appearance on the early sneak peek of the season including a possible new antagonist that will be played by Toby Jones and a canine sidekick.

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