‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: New Niantic Code Hints At Daily Quests Being Added Soon

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Oct 28, 2016 02:11 PM EDT

Niantic Labs is expected to come out with new features for “Pokemon Go” soon. One of those new twists could be in the form of daily quests, something familiar for hardcore online role-playing individuals.

The idea of having daily quests on “Pokemon Go” cropped up thanks to the exploits of some data miners on the 0.43.3 version. However, it would be best to take this lightly for now until Niantic officially confirms that such a feature is coming for the sagging augmented reality game, as advised on a Reddit thread.

Everyone is aware of the news that the active player count for “Pokemon Go” has been on the decline. The game needs new blood to make it interesting and Niantic reportedly has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. The daily quests could be a good idea though it would be best to know what exactly players will be pegged to do.

The new "Pokemon Go" feature could suddenly crop up through the updates rendered. To date, there have been a lot of modifications to the game. That includes the color-coded egg-hatching and indicators.

Coming alongside the daily "Pokemon Go" quests could be that much-awaited improvement covering the nearby tracker that could fend off the use of third-party apps like FastPokeMap. Much of this was mentioned in a previous post.

Going back to the daily quests, the new feature could kick off to journeys like getting to the first PokeStop for the day or even the First Catch of the day, according to Pokemon Go Hub. There is no mention for now on what "Pokemon Go" gamers will get for their troubles though getting some items like an incubator should be useful.

The possibilities for holding daily quests and the rewards possibly tied on “Pokemon Go” are endless. So be sure to check back with us as we keep close watch on the new features for the hit augmented reality game.

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