‘The Sims 4’ Latest News & Update: Patch Introduces ‘City Living’ Lot Traits, Game Fix For Annoying Retail Actions And More

By RG Ferrer , Updated Oct 28, 2016 08:27 PM EDT

With the impending release of "The Sims 4 City Living" expansion pack, game developers have deployed a new patch in preparation for the said DLC. Aside from the introduction of a few "City Living" features, the patch also fixed several bugs in Electronic Arts' popular life simulation game.

"The Sims 4" patch and for PC and MAC, respectively, introduced several improvements that addressed a few long-standing game bugs. Game developers also added the "City Living" expansion pack's various lot traits and the new build-and-buy mode copy option for rooms, stairs and roofs.

Patch notes posted on "The Sims" official website contained a long list of game enhancements that included skill and social gains from specific actions, Create-a-Sim improvements such as the alien hairstyle menu and more. "The Sims 4" update also addressed several bugs that players have been requesting game developers to fix.

Prior to the game's latest patch, some gamers noticed a glitch where their married Sims mysteriously developed romantic relationships with other characters if they are not in the players' Active Household. Another bug involved a Sim using the toilet despite a player's cancellation command that should have negated the action. The said bugs, as well as other game glitches, have been addressed.

For other "The Sims 4" DLC packs, glitches such as the annoying slow reaction of Sim retail employees in the "Get to Work" expansion pack have been fixed. The said Sim characters should now exhibit faster check-out actions.

Apart from game fixes for "The Sims 4 Get to Work" expansion pack, game developers also deployed some enhancements for the gaming title's other DLCs. Several glitches for the "Get Together" DLC was addressed, including fixes for "Spa Day," "Dine Out" and "Perfect Patio" issues.

In other news, gaming files hidden in "The Sims 4" latest patch revealed the potential return of the game's Triple Boost Week, according to the fansite SimsVIP. It appears that the special non-playable character (NPC) Jasmine Holiday will return for another bout of the Triple Boost Week Challenge. During the special event, Sim characters can earn skill and reward points at a higher pace.

However, it is still unclear if the leaked gaming event will happen. Game developers have yet to announce the said challenge.

"The Sims 4" latest patch was deployed on Oct. 27, meanwhile the "City Living" expansion pack will be released on Nov. 1. Learn more about the said DLC in the clip below:

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